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The Biggest Opportunity of 2018

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies took the world by storm in 2017. With such phenomenal gains everyone is wanting to get a piece of the market. Just to understand how many people are on the sidelines, take a look at the waiting list for one of the top trading apps in the United States, 'Robinhood'. There are over 910,000 people who are waiting to start buying. The time for blindly making money in crypto has come to an end. Investors now need to understand the fundamentals to make the most of their investment in 2018. That is our goal with this course.


  • Building on Strong Foundations
    Long term subscribers of ProButterfly know that we have always valued fundamental and technical analysis when evaluating any investment decision. Cryptocurrencies is another asset class and we believe it has become an important addition to everyone's investment portfolio. However, before diving into this investment class one must understand it and have a plan. At the moment we are seeing far too many people piling into the space with unrealistic expectations. The first part of the course gives you a foundation that will help you understand this opportunity.


  • Creating a Trading Plan
    Is bitcoin a buy now? The answer to that question depends on your plan. Are you planning on holding it for a day, a week, a month or years? Another rookie mistake that new equity and crypto investors make is jumping in without a plan. They get a tip from a telegram group or a friend and blindly buy an asset without seeing how it fits into their trading plan. The market is not going anywhere. Other courses and training websites may promise you double of triple digit returns, our goal however is to help you understand the fundamentals. This section of the course will share what sample trading plans look like, what you need to take into account when creating one and how to stick with it.


  • Basic Technical Analysis
    Bitcoin has fallen 20% is this a good time to buy? Should I sell my coins now that I have made 200% gains? The first part of the answer to this question depends on your trading plan. The second part of it can be answered by looking at a couple of basic technical indicators that can help give you additional information to understand how the market is feeling. This section will provide students with a basic overview of the indicators they should look out for as also what tools they can use to get access to them.


  • Playing the ICO Game
    In 2017 it became commonplace to meet people who had 5x or 10x'd their money by investing in an ICO. With the rapid increase in crypto buyers this was not surprising. Like most ponzi schemes if you get in early, the probability of enjoying such gains is much higher. However as rational investors we have to apply a framework for evaluating and investing in ICO's. If a random person came up to you in the street and promised the moon and the sky and offered a 20% discount to invest in his business would you readily part with your money? Hopefully not. This section of the course will talk about using basic frameworks to evaluate ICO's. We will also share our own resources on how you can quickly filter top tier projects.


  • Leveraging the Community
    At ProButterfly we strongly believe in the concept of 1+1=3. Everyone has something to teach or share that makes the group stronger as a whole. For a first-time low entrance price for the first 100 students, we hope to lay the foundation of a strong community. This will begin with a Facebook group where we can all share updates and ask questions. We hope that in the future, as our community grows we can begin offering real-time chat interfaces for our members and forums. This is the reason we want to grow the community with a smaller group initially and expand slowly. Quality of our content and experience is of paramount importance. We offer a no questions money back guarantee if someone feels they did not get the value they expected from the course.



If you are on the fence about getting into Crypto, this is probably the best opportunity for you to learn the basics and become part of a community that will grow together. We look forward to seeing you at the start of the course on the 9th of Mar 2018.

Wishing you all the best.

Usman Sheikh & Tam Ging Wien

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2018 is poised to be a huge year for cryptocurrencies. Use this opportunity to learn the foundations that will enable you to take advantage of it!

An Overview of the Course

Cryptocurrencies are a volatile investment class. This course will teach you how to get started on the right foot with the highest probability of success.

Understand Fundamentals

Learn about the basics of blockchain basics, the multiple players in the space, current opportunities and limitations of the technology

Hands on Tutorials on Getting Started

Learn how to create your wallet. Securing your seeds and how to handle your backups. This is critical to ensure long term success. 

Getting Started with Crypto Exchanges

Getting started by funding your account. Understanding the risks and security measures you need to a have in place. 

Creating your Winning Trading Plan

Fear of missing out is resulting in people losing large amounts of money in this space. Learn how to avoid all these rookie mistakes. Create a winning plan.

Basic Technical Analysis & Tools to Use

Learn how to read charts, time your entries using basic indicators. Get an immediate edge over everyone who is market buying. 

Creating Your Crypto Watchlist

Armed with a plan and your basic technical knowledge you are now ready to create your watchlist. Learn how the pro's trade with watchlists and levels.

The ICO Game

Learn about initial coin offerings. The secret resources to find the best ones. A framework to use when assessing if they are worthy of an investment.

Facebook Group

All alumni will be added to a private Facebook group. Get the latest updates from ProButterfly before the public. Share successes and get ideas.

Early Access

All students will have priority access to our future launches. These will include trading tools, advanced courses and 1-1 mentoring. Don't miss out!


Usman Sheikh was an early crypto investor. He uses an approach that leverages both fundamental and technical research to make decisions. With a background in building and investing in technology startups for over 14 years he brings a broad based view that helps students to quickly grasp complicated concepts.


Tam Ging Wien caught the crypto bug early on and since then has been an avid blockchain technology champion. He holds frequent seminars, workshops and talks about blockchains in Singapore and Malaysia.

Being an avid real estate, REITs and equities investor for over a decade, he strongly believes that cryptocurrencies & blockchains will feature prominently as an investable asset class in the coming decade.


2018 is poised to be a huge year for cryptocurrencies. Use this opportunity to learn the foundations that will enable you to take advantage of it!


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