The Beginner’s Guide to Understanding The 3 Financial Statements

by: Tam Ging Wien

When read with begin with A...B...C..., when we sing with begin with Do... Re...Me...

That at least how the song lyrics go.

But when we want to understand and assess the financials of a stock, we need to begin with the 3 financial statements, namely:

  • Balance Sheet (or Statement of Financial Position)
  • Income Statement (or Profit/Loss Statement)
  • Cash Flow Statement

All listed companies on SGX are mandated to report their financial performance periodically. Every quarter, companies must report their financial performance using a structured set of 3 financial statements. The financial statements adhere to international accounting standards and the local Singapore reporting standards have very similar formats making it easy for investors to review.

Financial statements are reported based on time periods. By reviewing the 3 financial statements, investors are able to deduce the financial position of the business and how its financials have changed over time.

Flow of...

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An Analysis of Mapletree Logistics Trust

by: Tam Ging Wien

All examples and stocks quoted here in this article and on the ProButterflyTM site are for learning purposes; it does NOT constitute a Buy/Sell recommendation. Contents are reflective of personal views and readers are responsible for their own investments and are advised to perform their own independent due diligence. If in any doubt about the investment action you should take, you should consult a professional certified financial advisor.

This is a follow up from last week’s article regarding our thoughts about the impact of Amazon’s SEA ambitions. One of the afterthoughts that we had after writing the article was to look at potential opportunities to invest in REITs and real estate related businesses which could potentially benefit from the rise of the e-commerce trend. If you have not read our previous article, click here.

Therefore this week, we will follow up on our promise to analyse Mapletree Logistics Trust (MLT). Amazon is...

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