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Cromwell Suspends CEREIT’s IPO

by: Tam Ging Wien

2nd Largest IPO in Singapore for 2017 On-Hold

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In a surprising turn of events, Australian real estate investment manager Cromwell Property Group (Cromwell) has put on-hold the listing of Cromwell European REIT (SGX; CEREIT). The IPO would have been the first REIT to be denominated in Euros (€) and the second largest IPO in Singapore this year.

Cromwell in a regulatory filing on the Australian Stock Exchange dated 22-Sep-2017 entitled Cromwell Elects Not to Register Prospectus has stated that Cromwell has decided not to proceed with the registration of the prospectus for CEREIT. The reason stated is due to "current market conditions" without further elaboration.

The opening time for application of the public offering would have been on 21-Sep-2017 at 9pm according to the original schedule indicated in the draft prospectus

The announcement further mentions that this decision is "despite receiving significant interest from strategic, institutional and retail investors".

Cromwell will re-assess the situation and provide a market update in due course.

CEREIT is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) which draws rental income from various real estate classes across Europe; mainly in Poland, Netherlands, Italy and France with limited assets in Germany and Denmark. The nature of the real state are a mix of offices (35.0%), light industrial/logistics (31.1%), retail (27.3%) and others. There is a total of 1,583,955,000 (1.584bil) units on offer at a price of between €0.55 and €0.57 per unit.

ProButterflyTM has covered the analysis of the IPO fairly extensively in our post entitled Analysis of Cromwell European REIT IPO.

From our analysis we think that the IPO while having a high yield may not provide significant growth opportunities to investors. We further mentioned that in the original offer, CEREIT had the lowest sponsor interest of 12.7% compared to the REITs in our comparators. This shows lack of weak alignment of interest of the sponsor and unitholders.

CEREIT’s occupancy rate in the Light Industrial/Logistics segment was also particularly low at 82.9%. Being a significant portion of the portfolio, it dragged down the overall occupancy rate of the REIT to 89.3%.

CEREIT’s price range of between €0.55 and €0.57 per unit also fairly values the REIT and leaves investors with limited growth in capital appreciation.

The large initial offering of 1.584bil shares was also significantly large. We anticipate that this would successfully fulfil the demand for the IPO leading to low secondary demand when publicly traded. This would weaken the retail demand removing a catalyst for price appreciation.

Finally, a report entitled A Negative View of Cromwell European REIT from Down Under (<>) may have played a part in the lack of interest for this IPO among Singapore and regional investors.

It would be reasonable to speculate that that the book building exercise to attract institutional investors likely saw weak demand. This speculation is supported by Cromwell’s action to cut the original offer from 1.58bil to 1.3bil and take a larger stake.

This announcement would put on-hold Cromwell's plans for the CEREIT IPO. We will need to await for further information from Cromwell.

Whatever the reasons for this suspension in the IPO, we are positively hopeful that in Cromwell would have learnt the lessons from the course of events and offer a more compelling IPO the next round. We at ProButterflyTM will be closely following the future developments of this IPO.

If you have missed our earlier analysis on CEREIT, do catch it here: Analysis of Cromwell European REIT IPO.


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